Welcome to a superior logo design service for entrepreneurs! 


Why our service unique?

The Internet is flooded with logo design services that fall into one of these categories:


1. Do it yourself services that offer a limited number of icons and type styles and expect the user to color and combine them successfully. Although you may play with many “free-of-charge,” they levy a fee of about $60.00 to access the files you need to use your completed logo. The resulting logos usually look undistinguished because they were created using a formula that produced thousands of similar marks for your competition.


2. Boiler-room design studios usually hire recent art school graduates (or drop-outs) who are encouraged to produce volumes of work with little regard for quality. They often boast that two, three, or more designers will work on your project. They fail to note that few have ever had practical, experience selling products and services. Many boiler-room operations actually use the same type of “logo-creation software” offered by the do-it-yourself sites.


3. Individuals offer logo creation services through eBay or directly through their websites. They have usually taken trade-school art courses or, more frequently, specific software (Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop) courses at local colleges. Again, they have had little direct selling experience and often use common clip-art or logo templates in their work.


Your business creation deserves better! 

And now you can have it! 


By contrast, our design director graduated from New York’s prestigious Parsons School of Design and spent over 40 years creating corporate-level promotions for clients that ranged from national retailers to film distributors to premium vodka brands. In the process, he won 15 major national design awards. 

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We never use clip-art, templates or logo creation programs in our work. This means you receive a totally original design that will distinguish your enterprise from the competition and emblazon your company or product in the minds of your prospects.


Unlike many logo creators that offer different levels of service at different prices, We offer one package. It’s called “Total Satisfaction.” We will work with you until you are completely satisfied with your logo. Then we will send you all the files you need as convenient e-mail attachments. 



1. Initial sketches of your logo. We’ll do as many as needed to fully develop the image you describe.

2. We’ll do unlimited revisions. Be as picky as you like.

3. Once you are satisfied, your finished design will be provided in files covering every possible contingency from web display to four-color process printing.



1. Letterhead design

2. Envelope design

3. Business card design

4. As our client, we’ll show you how to save hundreds of dollars on your printing needs.


And, if you should need further assistance, you can call on us anytime for a wide variety of services including; copy writing, photography, catalog design, direct mail packages, web design, package design and point-of-sale design.



1. Complete the purchase and we will e-mail you a simple form     called the Logo Profile . 

It will help you tell us exactly what you want.

2. When we receive your Profile, we’ll respond with our first sketches. From there, it’s up to you. We’ll produce alternative designs until you’re completely satisfied.

3. Once you are satisfied with your design, we’ll deliver all the elements electronically.

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